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2024 Commercial Food Stall

1. Contact Details
2. Business Details
Upload File
Upload File
3. Site Fees (Inc camping)

Site fees are to be paid within 10 days of application being approved. All fees are inclusive of GST.

Food Stall

Ice cream/ Coffee/ Confectionary

10A Power Outlets

15A per outlet


Friday Night Expression of Interest (Optional: 4 food stalls selected)

$900 per site inc camping 

$600 per site inc camping


$50 per outlet

$50 per outlet

$250 per site

4.  Confirmation

I would like to be considered to provide a commercial food outlet at the Old Bar Beach Festival. I understand that participation is by invitation of the Committee and that invitations will be sent by email after the closing date. If selected I agree to:

  • Pay site fees within 10 days of invitation (payment plans available). 

  • Comply with Council regulations and requirements and comply with Work health and safety laws.

  • Not use any electrical equipment or cord at the festival unless tagged with a current safety check.

  • Provide a certificate of currency for my Public Liability Insurance.

  • Abide by any directions given to me by the organisers of the Old Bar Beach Festival.

How did you hear about Old Bar Beach Festival

Thanks for submitting your application

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